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Travels With Kathi #13 – Pick Up Man


Pick Up Man

After nearly ten years of employment at Littleton Equine Medical Center, Kathi and I are about to make a huge change.  Our lives won’t be the same.  Change is not easy for Kathi and I but it is often necessary.  In life old friends sometime must be left behind as we move forward.  Such is life!


What’s our big change?  Our mobile veterinary unit will have the pickup replaced by a new Chevy pickup.  People with a life are saying what’s the big deal?  And many women might say “oh that must be a guy thing” and maybe it is.  But an honest person can’t deny how big a part of the American lifestyle the pickup truck has become, especially in the west.  Since the first factory assembled Ford pickup came off the assembly line in 1924, the American people have been mesmerized by this vehicle.  In the month of December, 2014, over 720,000 pickups were purchased in the US in only one month!   And if that doesn’t convince you of the social significance of the pickup, hundreds of songs have been composed with the pickup being a significant part of the song.  What’s more American!   (One of my favorites is “Pickup Man” performed by Joe Diffie in the 1990’s.)


Personally pickup trucks have been an important part of my life.  My mother and dad brought me home from the hospital on my birthday in a pickup.   I think I was wrapped in swaddling clothes.  I learned to drive a pickup at the age of ten.  I went on my first date in a pickup.  There have probably been other firsts that are best left untold.  More importantly is the association between pickups and veterinary medicine.  In 1960 a small company in Iowa produced the first fiberglass mobile veterinary hospital unit.  These units you have all become so used to seeing have allowed us to practice an acceptable level of veterinary medicine at my clients’ homes.  And yes, I went on my first veterinary call with Kathi in a pickup.


Pickup trucks have always been at the center of my universe, and especially my veterinary universe.  Our veterinary truck transports Kathi and me from the structure of the clinic, a typical doctor’s office, to the place where the life of our equine clients happens.  We feel this is so special to be able to practice veterinary medicine in this manner.


So what does a new pickup mean to me?  It means Kathi and I get to continue to do what we love to do in the manner we love to do it.  We are starting a new chapter in this new pickup.  Our journey is not completed quite yet.

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