Secret and Dietz
  • Littleton Equine Medical Center offers a wide variety of services, for both mares and stallions, to meet your reproductive needs. Whether you are an experienced breeder or ready to have your first foal, we offer the expertise, support, and commitment needed to facilitate a successful breeding. We strive for excellence in all that we do and reproduction is no exception. Several of our reproductive services are also available in the field.
  • Our skilled, knowledgeable staff and safe, clean, low-stress environment provides the optimal facility to help you achieve your reproductive goals.
  • Our primary reproductive veterinarian is Rebecca S. Dietz, DVM. Dr. Dietz has been with Littleton Equine since July 2012. She joined us from a veterinary practice in Purcell, Oklahoma whose main focus was embryo transfer, mare management and foaling. Dr. Dietz enjoys all aspects of reproductive practice, but has a special fondness for mare management and foaling. Please don’t hesitate to contact her with reproductive questions, concerns, or to get more information on the reproductive services we offer.
  • Reproductive Services Offered:
    • Breeding Management for the Mare and Stallion
    • Breeding Soundness Exams
    • Embryo Transfer
    • Integrative Medicine for Reproduction
    • Reproductive Surgeries