Becca Dietz, DVMBorn in Bryan, Texas, Dr. Dietz is the youngest of three children. Shortly after her birth, the Dietz family moved to Roanoke, Virginia where her parents purchased a small animal clinic. Dr. Dietz spent her childhood watching her mother examine and treat cats and dogs. It was these childhood experiences and her mother that inspired Dr. Dietz to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

After graduation from Virginia Tech, Dr. Dietz traveled west to Colorado where she spent two summers working as a wrangler on the Laramie River Ranch in northern Colorado. The Laramie River Ranch is also where she and Dr. Will French (her husband) met. Between her summers of wrangling, Dr. Dietz worked as a foaling attendant at the Lazy E Ranch in Guthrie, Oklahoma. During her time as a foaling attendant, Dr. Dietz attended and assisted with roughly 150 foalings.

Following her second summer as a wrangler, Dr. Dietz started veterinary school at Oklahoma State University. She graduated with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2010. Fresh out of vet school, Dr. Dietz headed back to Virginia where she practiced small animal medicine at her mother’s practice, Brandon Animal Hospital, for about 6 months. While she enjoyed her time as a small animal veterinarian, Dr. Dietz realized her true ambitions were to become an equine veterinarian and traveled west, again, to Oklahoma where she became an associate veterinarian with Noble Equine Veterinary Services (NEVS) in Purcell, Oklahoma. NEVS’s primary practice focus is reproduction and embryo transfer services.

Dr. Dietz worked for NEVS for two years, but finally succumbed to Dr. French’s charms and agreed to marry him and move to Colorado. They were both fortunate enough to find positions as staff veterinarians at Littleton Equine Medical Center. Dr. Dietz’s position at LEqMC primarily focuses on equine reproduction, but she is also certified in acupuncture for large and small animals.

In her spare time and in the “off” season, Dr. Dietz enjoys spending time with her husband, riding their horses, playing with their dog Jasper, and working on various projects around their house and barn.


  • Undergraduate, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Virginia Tech University, 2005
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Oklahoma State University, 2010
  • Certified in Equine & Small Animal Acupuncture 2011