Digital Radiology

The Imaging Department at our facility includes direct digital radiography (DR), as well as computed radiography (CR). Each offers the practitioner an opportunity to support clinical findings both in the field and at the clinic, with the finest quality images ensuring a proper diagnosis. Due to the advanced equipment, more neck and back radiographs are being taken to ensure total body care for patients with spinal concerns.  Both DR and CR technology have proven to be invaluable in understanding and diagnosing the intricacies of equine lameness. We are proud to have three DR units, including one wireless unit for field and hospital use.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI adds a dynamic dimension to the area of lameness diagnostics, offering the ability to look at soft tissue and bony lesions that are unable to be diagnosed any other way. Through the knowledge gained from these studies, more decisive treatment plans are designed specifically for each case. We are proud to have the only standing MRI in the region! This allows us to obtain the knowledge without putting patients under general anesthesia.

Nuclear Scintigraphy

Nuclear Scintigraphy, or more commonly known as a bone scan, is our newest diagnostic tool. We now have a state of the art gamma camera and trained personnel to perform bone scans. The newest software gives us the ability to find the most unusual causes of a horse’s ailments.


Ultrasound is another technique for evaluation of soft tissue areas. It is an effective diagnostic tool for tendons, ligaments, internal organs, the reproductive tract and growing fetus. This equipment is also available for use in the field.


Our video endoscopy equipment allows our doctors the ability to evaluate the upper airway and respiratory tract, as well as the bladder and uterus. The three-meter scope also allows us to perform an evaluation of the stomach and the beginning of the small intestine. This equipment is also available for use in the field.