Signs Your Horse May Need Chiropractic Care

Owning a horse is a responsibility which requires continual observation, management, and occasionally the ability to detect unusual behaviors which may reveal signs of illness or injury. Because your horse communicates in a language other than words, they must rely on your capacity to observe and distinguish the subtle changes in their behavior which might indicate a warning sign for health concerns.

Since not all behavioral changes are cause for concern, the following list of Signs and Symptoms will help you identify what to watch for to protect your horse and ensure a healthy and vigorous life.

¨ Pain and stiffness when moving or being touched

¨ Reduced performance

¨ Negative changes in behavior or attitude

¨ Abnormal gait, shortened stride or lameness

¨ Inability or difficulty in taking a lead

¨ Bucking

¨ Difficulty or inability to collect

¨ Pinning ears or snapping when being cinched

¨ Difficulty flexing at poll

¨ Changes in posture

¨ Resistance to being ridden

Adapted with permission from Options for Animals

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