Periodontal Disease

periodontalFact: 60% of horses over the age of 15 have periodontal disease! Because periodontal disease can be so painful and have detrimental effects on the overall health of you horse, it is preferred to prevent it or treat it in the early stages.

Dental Equilibration (Floating)

In order to maximize your horse’s health, routine dental exams and dental equilibration (floating) are imperative. Here is what you can expect:

  • Your horse should be well sedated and wearing a full mouth speculum.
  • A good light source is essential in order to identify any abnormalities and a dental mirror is critical to examine the entire mouth.
  • Examination of entire mouth to identify any periodontal or endodontal disease.

There are many different  instruments utilized to float a horse’s teeth, but the universal goal is to remove sharp enamel points and reduce any overgrowths to contribute to healthy wear patterns for years to come.