What are the indications for dental radiographs (x-rays) for my horse?

dental radiographsRadiography is useful in providing more information when a dental abnormality is found or suspected upon dental examination.

This would be performed if there is a dental abnormality such as fractured or mobile teeth, periodontal (gum) disease, and endodontic disease.  Radiographs are also helpful in assessing disease of the roots of the cheek teeth if facial swelling, nasal discharge (indicating sinus infection) or discomfort is present.  Radiographs can be helpful in determining the best treatment plan for your horse. Additionally, radiography is very important post extractions, to confirm complete extraction in order to achieve optimal healing.

Littleton Equine Medical Center has the capability to take intraoral radiographs in addition to extraoral radiographs.  This can provide greater detail and information in order to make the best treatment recommendation for your horse.