Littleton Equine Medical Center is currently offering Spring and Fall Wellness Programs. If there are 10 or more horses in one area that sign up for spring work on the same day with the same veterinarian, the price is reduced!

 We follow the American Association of Equine Practioners (AAEP)  vaccination recommendations. For adult horses, this includes Eastern and Western Equine Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, West Nile,Rabies, Influenza, and Rhinopneumonitis.

The vaccinations for this year are Boehringer Ingelheim’s Calvenza EHV/EIV and Vetera EEE/WEE/WN/Tetanus, and Merck’s EquiRab. Boehringer Ingelheim’s Calvenza is highly effective vaccination with multiple studies supporting the efficacy and immunity, something that is unique to Calvenza. Boehirnger Ingelheim’s Vetera uses the Ultrafil Purification Technology creating a safe vaccine and also includes the Carbimmune adjuvant system to help maximize your horse’s immune response. Merck’s Equirab is proven effective in horses and foals 4 months and older, proven long-lasting and proven safe. Equirab is the least reactive of the Rabies vaccines.

Due to duration of immunity, most horses in our area require the Vetera vaccine once yearly in the spring. Calvenza is given twice yearly for horses that travel or live at boarding facilities. EquiRab is given once yearly, either in the spring or the fall.

Other vaccines are available based on your horse’s individual needs.