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Travels With Kathi #17 – Perfection

  Perfection It is no great revelation to admit the title “Travels with Kathi” is not original. There are few similarities between my meager writing prowess and John Steinbeck’s displayed in the book “Travels with Charley”. Steinbeck described his travels from New York to California, then back to New York. Our travels hardly carry us […]

Travels With Kathi #15 – Reflection

  Reflection Certain events in our lives give rise to reflection.  As I get older nearly everything gives rise to reflection.  But I think all of us have experienced how the birthday of a child seems to stimulate at least a small trip down memory lane.  Children’s birthdays have always been my historical marker, how […]

Travels With Kathi #14 – Compassion Fatigue

  Compassion Fatigue Our stated goal for “Travels with Kathi” has always been to bring our clients a realistic view of the life of one veterinarian as he and his wife- technician, go about their daily tasks.  One comment we frequently hear from clients relates to our treatment of horses where the outcome is ultimately […]