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Travels With Kathi #15

Certain events in our lives give rise to reflection.  As I get older nearly everything gives rise to reflection.  But I think all of us have experienced how the birthday of a child seems to stimulate at least a small trip down memory lane.  Children’s birthdays have always been my historical marker, how I recall […]

Travels With Kathi #14

Our stated goal for “Travels with Kathi” has always been to bring our clients a realistic view of the life of one veterinarian as he and his wife- technician, go about their daily tasks.  One comment we frequently hear from clients relates to our treatments of horses where the outcome is ultimately not happy.  Clients […]

Travels With Kathi #13

After nearly ten years of employment at Littleton Equine Medical Center, Kathi and I are about to make a huge change.  Our lives won’t be the same.  Change is not easy for Kathi and me but is often necessary.  In life old friends sometime must be left behind as we move forward.  Such is life! […]

Travels With Kathi #12

Our schedule included an appointment to check a twenty-one year old Arab gelding for weight loss.  As soon as the name of the owner came up, a smile came to my face.  In this business there are special clients with whom we have a special history and therefore special fondness.  This client was one of […]

Travels With Kathi #11

It was the 11th of November. Sunrise illuminated six inches of new wet snow. We had finished the day before by treating a senior Arab mare that had suffered with unrelenting colic. I got an early call regarding the mare that required me to make a slippery drive to her barn to attend the mare’s […]